The National Technology Cluster

Lazio Innova is one of the founding partners of the National Aerospace Technological Cluster (CTNA) as decreed by MIUR on 14 December 2012. CTNA’s goal is to set up large-scale networks and public/private synergies to make the most of Italy’s areas of technological excellence, to strengthen the research system, to foster the growth of all the players in the supply chain, to develop employment, and to improve the competitiveness of the aerospace system as a whole. CTNA is an organized network which is made of:

  • 81 Research centres
  • 28 universities
  • 29 large-scale companies
  • More than 800 SMEs.

Projects developed by CTNA and approved by MIUR are:

  1. Development of advanced helicopters
  2. Technologies for general aviation and for UAV platforms
  3. Top-level space projects
  4. Environmentally compatible propulsion systems

The Lazio Connect Association

A collaborative technological and legal platform established in 2009, in partnership with the most representative trade associations of the aerospace industry. It supports “collaborative enterprising” amongst SMEs, industrial consortia, technological parks, Universities, and Research bodies. The Association uses advanced functions developed within the Lazio Aerospace Technological District’s website, and pursues the objective of:

  • coordinating the research system and/or aggregation between large-scale companies and SMEs,
  • supporting the research system in the Lazio region, and generating additional business by reducing the factors that inhibit collaboration.

The website

  • Information about products, services, technologies and training opportunities available within the regional territory as well as activities supporting Lazio’s aerospace industry
  • Interactive mapping of technological expertise and product categories relating to DTA’s businesses and Research Bodies in conformity with internationally defined taxonomic classifications
  • Showcase of skills and activities developed within the DTA for Italian and foreign stakeholders interested in potential commercial and/or R&D collaborations.