Emerging Clusters

Integrated Modular Avionics AVIONICS
Low cost systems for collision avoidance
Emergency Locator Transmitters
Innovative Avionic technologies for helicopters, general and bus aviation AVIONICS
Flight Management Systems AVIONICS
Advanced ATM communication Systems COMMUNICATION & NAVIGATION
Air Forces Communication Systems COMMUNICATION & NAVIGATION
Electrical Power Conversion Systems ELECTRICAL SYSTEMS
Electrical Power Generation ELECTRICAL SYSTEMS
Integrated Communication & Supervision Systems TRANSPORTS & SAFE INFRASTRUCTURES
Integrated Systems for safe transports TRANSPORTS & SAFE INFRASTRUCTURES
Integrated systems for urban security URBAN SECURITY
Secure and resilient Professional Mobile Radio URBAN SECURITY
Gis & location based services URBAN SECURITY
High Temperature Microelectronics MICROELECTRONICS
Composite/Sandwich panels for special applications (Sea, Rail etc) COMPOSITES
Armored panels COMPOSITES
Temporary housing units COMPOSITES
Emergency & Special Shelters COMPOSITES
Emergency vehicles SPECIAL VEHICLES
Integrated Control &Supervision Systems INDUSTRIAL AUTOMATION


Aircraft interiors · TecnAvan Interiors Srl
Airport equipment for movement & transport · AVIOGEI AIRPORT EQUIPMENT Srl
Avionics systems · InterConsulting Srl
Command & control systems · InterConsulting Srl
Composites · Tecnologie Avanzate Srl
Electromechanical parts & equipment · GELCO SpA
· Tecnologie Future Srl
· C&C Srl
· ESC - Electron Source Co Srl
Electronic cards & systems · GELCO SpA
· Tecnologie Future Srl
Embedded cooling of electronic devices · C&C Srl
Energy systems · Tecnologie Future Srl
Ground support equipment · AVIOGEI AIRPORT EQUIPMENT Srl
· Tecnologie Future Srl
Integrated components · Plastomeccanica Srl
Mission & safety critical systems · InterConsulting Srl
Moulds · Tecnologie Avanzate Srl
· TecnAvan Interiors Srl
· Plastomeccanica Srl
Nanosatellites · IMT Srl
Network management systems · InterConsulting Srl
Rebuilt obsolete items · Tecnologie Future Srl
· ESC - Electron Source Co Srl
RF cables · GELCO SpA
· HTT Srl
Secure communications · InterConsulting Srl
Security and logistic systems · Optimatica SpA
· InterConsulting Srl
Software defined radio · InterConsulting Srl
Solutions to integrate communication networks · PXL
Space equipment · Tecnologie Future Srl
· IMT Srl
Systems for remote diagnostics · InterConsulting Srl
Thermoplastic & thermosetting parts · TecnAvan Interiors Srl
· Plastomeccanica Srl
Wireless data link · InterConsulting Srl
Wound magnetic components · HTT Srl